Affordable Dental Care without Insurance

Insurance has become a hot topic in our country. Unfortunately, some patients feel they lack the coverage needed to adequately take care of their health. Because of this, they may skip routine healthcare visits for fear of high costs, and only seek treatment when it’s an emergency. While some emergencies still happen no matter what you do, many issues can be avoided with proper preventive care.

Our Austin dental office is insurance-friendly and our financial team will submit and track your claims to maximize your benefits and reduce your stress. However, our high-quality dental services are not limited to only patients with dental insurance. We strive to help patients of varying budgets prevent oral health problems so they can enjoy pain-free, healthy smiles.

Read on to learn how you can afford dental care without insurance at Southwest Smiles, your Austin dentist!

Consider a Payment Plan

CareCredit® is a third-party financing company that allows you to pay for your healthcare expenses over time with little to no interest. After a quick online application process, you’ll receive a credit decision and a selection of payment plans. So even if you can’t afford one lump payment for your treatment, you can still get the care you need by dividing up your dental care costs into more affordable monthly payments, like a credit card bill.

New Patient Gifts at Southwest Smiles

If it’s your first time visiting Southwest Smiles, then you should know that we have some new patient gifts specifically for you! Currently, you can either receive free X-rays with your exam and cleaning or you can get a free take-home whitening kit. We hope these special offers make things a little bit easier on your wallet.

Affordable Dentist in Austin, TX

Are financial concerns preventing you from visiting a dentist? We want to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve. Please consult with our friendly team if you have additional questions regarding your payment options at Southwest Smiles.

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