Root Canal Therapy
in Austin, TX

Do you have a painful toothache? It’s possible that you may need root canal therapy. We understand that the phrase “root canal” can make many patients feel uneasy, but we want to reassure you that root canal treatments are common procedures. In fact, it’s comparable to getting a routine filling done. While many people associate root canals with pain, the procedure actually relieves you of any pain or discomfort you’re feeling! At Southwest Smiles, we always perform dental procedures with a gentle touch and have sedation options available to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure!

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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Wondering if you’re in need of root canal therapy? Here are some of the most common symptoms that often point to the need for a root canal:

  • Blackening of Tooth
  • Bump on Gums
  • Dental Trauma
  • Extremely Sensitive Tooth
  • Pain when Eating or Biting Down

If the infection is left untreated, it can lead to a more painful abscess and may even result in you losing that tooth. By getting a root canal treatment, you can stop the damage from worsening and preserve your natural tooth.

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The Root Canal Process

During a root canal, we make a small entry point in the top of the tooth. Then, we remove the inflamed pulp, disinfect the area, and fill in the tooth. In the final step, we place a dental crown on top of the tooth to protect it from further damage and restore it to its full function. Many patients report feeling almost-instant pain relief after their root canal is complete!

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Same-Day Crowns for Root Canals

At Southwest Smiles, we are proud to offer one-visit dental crowns. This modern technology enables us to shorten what would normally take multiple visits into a single appointment. We’ll design, manufacture, and place your dental crown that same visit, all without the need for any messy impressions or plastic temporaries. You’ll be on your way with a restored tooth faster than ever!

Preserve Your Natural Teeth