Dental Sealants
in Austin, TX

Even if you practice great oral hygiene at home and visit our office regularly for dental cleanings and exams, you may be wondering if there is anything else you can do to keep your smile clean and healthy. Dental sealants are an excellent preventive service that act as a barrier between the grooves of the teeth and harmful, cavity-causing bacteria. To learn more or schedule your next appointment, please contact us!

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What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are clear coatings that are placed over the top of molars to protect them from bad bacteria. They are ultra-thin and completely invisible to the untrained eye, so patients don’t have to worry about feeling the sealants on their teeth or their teeth looking different. In fact, some patients have sealants on their teeth that they’ve completely forgotten about, as they can last up to ten years or longer.

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How are dental sealants placed?

Dental sealant placements are very quick and comfortable for patients, and they are typically done right after a professional teeth cleaning when the teeth are squeaky clean. The teeth are dried, and an acidic gel is applied to help create a stronger bond between the teeth and sealants. Once the gel is rinsed off and the tooth is dried again, the sealants will be applied to the tops of the molars and hardened with a special blue light.

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Who should get dental sealants?

Dental sealants are often recommended for children, as baby teeth have a thinner layer of enamel than adult teeth, but sealants can be utilized by patients of all ages. Kids will often get their first sealant application when their first set of molars grow in around age six and their second application around age twelve when their second set of molars grow in. Patients who find that their molars are very cavity-prone can also benefit from dental sealants.

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Are dental sealants expensive?

Dental sealants are a relatively inexpensive preventive service, and many dental insurance plans offer full or partial coverage for them, especially for children. Since dental sealants tend to last for many years before they need to be removed and replaced, they tend to be a great investment for patients who want to protect their smiles from tooth decay. For more information about financing the cost of your dental care, please visit our financial page or contact our office.

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Can dental sealants be removed?

Removing dental sealants is a simple process, but patients typically do not have their sealants removed until they start to become worn down. During each routine cleaning and exam, our team will check your sealants to ensure that they are in good condition. When they need to be removed, we will let you know, and you’ll have the option to have new sealants placed as well.

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Are dental sealants safe?

Sometimes patients are concerned that their dental sealants contain a chemical compound called BPA, which is found in certain plastics. The good news is, most dental sealants these days contain very little to no BPA. In fact, patients often come in contact with more BPA when they handle plastic water bottles and receipts. Our patient’s health and well-being is our top priority.