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A beautiful, healthy smile is priceless. But you shouldn’t have to wreck your savings just to take care of your oral health and to live life with a bright, beaming smile. That’s why at Southwest Smiles Family Dentistry, we make every effort to provide dental care in South Austin that’s affordable.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to offer competitive fees for our services, and we believe in being upfront and transparent about how much things will cost so you can prepare, rather than getting sticker shock. On top of all of that, we accept dental insurance (we’re in-network with most PPO providers) and offer financing through CareCredit®!

Finance Your Dental Care Through CareCredit

Amid the other expenses in your life from rent to bills to those little luxuries you treat yourself with every once in a while, it can feel difficult to pay your healthcare costs all in one go. We get it! But just because you can’t fork over the full amount upfront doesn’t mean you should be prevented from going through with a dental treatment that you need or want.

At Southwest Smiles, we proudly accept CareCredit®, a popular flexible financing option. It works very much like a credit card where you make monthly payments until you pay off your dental treatment costs. You can actually use it to cover 100% of your treatment! Better still, you won’t have to fuss with upfront costs, annual membership fees, or pre-payment penalties. Overall, it’s an easy way to spread out your healthcare costs into much more manageable payments that won’t leave your wallet hurting.

More Questions About Our Services?

Want to talk to one of our team members to discuss your financial options or to learn about our dental services? We’d be thrilled to hear from you. Contact our friendly team at Southwest Smiles Family Dentistry today! We are ready to answer your questions and find an affordable treatment option for each member of your family.

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