Dental Care Tips for College Kids

young Asian college student in class

Going to college can be a major life-changing experience. What most young people forget when they go to college, though, is their dentist. We’re often one of the first people to be dropped once you leave your parents’ house! Since parents are usually the ones making your dental appointments, it can be easy to forget that it’s time to take on that responsibility. To keep a beautiful smile in your college years, here are three easy dental care tips for college students.

Don’t Forget to Floss

Flossing may not seem important when you are young and in good health. But not flossing now can mean the difference between having dental problems later or keeping a beautiful, youthful smile. Plus, our patients have reported that when they start flossing again, their teeth seem whiter and brighter. Your gums also look healthier when you floss. And besides, who thinks it’s attractive to have old, decaying food particles stuck between your teeth?

Keep Up with Your Dental Cleanings

If making your cleaning appointments is now up to you, trust us, now is not the time to ignore this activity! Professional teeth cleanings will remove plaque and build-up that you cannot reach with a regular toothbrush and floss. It’s vital to keep coming to your cleanings – at least every six months – to not only keep your mouth healthy, but also to keep it clean and free of old bacteria.

Always Brush Before Bedtime

We know all-nighters or even late-night social events can make it really easy to just fall into bed while skipping your dental care routine. Trust us, don’t do it! A night of unbrushed teeth is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause bad breath, plaque build-up, and potentially other issues that are not conducive to a beautiful, clean smile.

Ready to schedule an appointment for a check-up or cleaning between your busy class schedule and extracurricular activities? Guess what? We’re open on Saturdays! Now there’s no excuse to miss your regular cleanings.

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