Use Your Dental Insurance Before Year’s End!

Have you been putting off coming to see us for a checkup, routine cleaning, or other dental procedure? We know that you’re busy with your holiday festivities and errands this season, but it’s important to visit the dentist every six months. Here at Southwest Smiles Family Dentistry, we encourage biannual dental visits to promote optimal oral health. And we advise you to squeeze in another visit before the end of the year if you haven’t completely taken advantage of your dental insurance benefits!

Why You Should Cash-In on Benefits Now

If you have dental insurance or a flexible spending account (FSA), you’ll need to use them before year’s end to cash in on your benefits. If you’ve been paying a monthly insurance premium for dental care and have met your deductible, you’ve already paid for services you’re eligible to receive this year. Once 2019 arrives, your insurance plan will start all over again and you’ll need to pay another deductible and additional out of pocket costs. The same applies to an FSA. The funds will not roll over into next year. You’ll need to use them now in order to not lose out on your dental benefits!

Save Money & Look Great!

In addition to the money you could be saving seeing us this holiday season, you’ll feel more confident with a smile that is cleaner, whiter, and healthier. This time of year, we hope you’ll gather often with friends and family, snap photos with your loved ones, and feel more inclined to share a smile with a stranger. And if you see us now you’ll not only utilize your dental benefits, but you’ll look your best just in time for this special time of year.

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Don’t delay in booking an appointment here at Southwest Smiles Family Dentistry. We are filling up as our patients try to fit us in and use up their year’s benefits. Our Austin dental office files and tracks insurance claims for you, and we are in network with most PPO providers. Call us today. CONTACT US

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