What to Expect with Full or Partial Dentures

Losing teeth can drastically alter your smile and negatively impact your ability to talk, to chew, and to feel confident interacting with others. Whether you’ve had missing teeth for years or have only recently lost your teeth, an incomplete set of teeth can take its toll emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically.

Our Austin dental office offers several solutions for missing teeth to help restore your health. Read on to learn about high-quality full and partial dentures at Southwest Smiles.

Full or Partial Dentures in Austin, TX

Are you missing most or all of the teeth in your upper or lower arch? Full dentures replace all of the teeth in your smile line.

In contrast, partial dentures may be right for your smile if you have several healthy teeth between the gaps left by missing teeth.

With either full or partial dentures, a full row of teeth will support your facial muscles, restore your ability to eat and talk, and improve your youthfulness!

What Is the Dentures Process?

The first step to getting dentures is a consultation with Dr. Lakshmi Chittajallu. We’ll discuss factors pertinent to your potential treatment plan, such as your oral health history and your goals for your smile. If we determine that dentures are the proper solution for your missing teeth, we’ll begin the process. This will take several appointments.

For our patients desiring full dentures, the process may involve a few tooth extractions and recovery.

Because your dentures will be custom-created to fit your individual mouth, we will need to take impressions of your mouth. Once our lab crafts your dentures, we’ll make sure they are a perfect fit. Over time, your gums and jaw line may shift, requiring adjustment to your dentures to ensure they are still comfortable.

How to Maintain Dentures

With proper maintenance, your dentures should last for years without needing replacement. We’ll provide more detailed care instructions at your appointment, but in general, good denture care involves: rinsing them after eating, cleaning your dentures before you wear them, and soaking them overnight in a denture cleaning solution.

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