Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

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A clean bathroom helps expedite your morning routine. Whether it’s getting your family ready for school or hitting the gym before work, an impeccably organized bathroom makes getting out the door early that much easier. Plus, a clean, well-organized bathroom will save you time, giving you extra time to focus on important habits like flossing and brushing for two full minutes. Refresh your bathroom this spring with our cleaning tips.

Before You Get Started

Spring cleaning in your bathroom doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a cathartic process of getting rid of things that are no longer necessary or even consolidating items together into sensible categories.

Before you start organizing, follow these steps to give you the room and space needed to do a good, deep clean.

  • Pick up all dirty towels, clothes, or any other linens that are cluttering up your bathroom. Put them in the laundry room or in a hamper outside of the bathroom.
  • Take out all the trash, and if your trash can needs a cleaning, spray it down with disinfectant spray.
  • Clear up any clutter that is on the floor or that is easily knocked down.

Now that you’ve got room to clean, it’s time to dive in and really start organizing your bathroom.

Pick a Good Cleaning Product

Using cleaning products you like can really help with your motivation for getting the job done. Whether it’s a product that contains bleach for disinfecting or you prefer products that are a little more au naturel, using the cleaners you enjoy using makes a big difference.

Once you’ve got your favorite cleaning products, clear off all the surfaces of sinks, shelves, cabinets. One shelf at a time, remove all the items and then wipe the surface down. When you replace the items, line them up nicely.

Once everything is clean, take a step back and try to envision a better system of organization. Do you really need that hair product on the sink that you only use once a week? If you’re not using it daily, don’t let it clutter up your sink!

Put Your Dental Hygiene Products Within Easy Reach

Now that you’ve spring-cleaned your bathroom, it’s time for the most important job of all: consolidating your dental hygiene products! Keep your floss, mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, Waterpik, tongue scraper, or any other dental hygiene product in one place and within easy reach. That way, you never waste time searching for these important products.

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