What Are Dental Sealants?

In our blog post, we explain the purpose of dental sealants. Please explore our website or contact our office to learn about our other dental services!

What Is a Dental Exam?

In our blog post, learn why you should visit the dentist for a routine exam. Contact Southwest Smiles to schedule your next dental checkup!

How to Treat Decay & Cavities

Read our blog post to learn about treatment for tooth decay and cavities. We also give some cavity prevention tips! Contact us today to schedule your next routine dental cleaning and checkup.

Traditional String Floss vs. Floss Picks

Read our blog post to learn about string floss, floss picks, and the benefit of daily flossing! Our team can give your family tips and tricks to improve your oral care routine. Contact us for help supporting a clean and healthy smile.

No Dental Insurance, No Problem

Are you putting off dental treatment because you don’t have dental insurance? Check out our blog post to ease your financial worries. We offer affordable care for the entire family and accept financing through CareCredit. Your smile is worth it—contact our office to schedule your appointment!